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During my free time I enjoy spending time creating and use different techniques to do so. Below are some examples. If you like what I do, feel free to get in touch with me, I would be happy to hear from you! I also take commissions when I have time.

Textile painting

I started painting on textiles, when I realised that most shops do not sell cloths that are either fitting me (I am quite tall) AND have an interesting fabric/design/pattern, etc. From painting T-shirts I rapidly expanded to paint on other types of textiles such as handkerchiefs, masks, pillowcases, etc. 

Textile Paintng
Insekten - Copy.png
Wine cork art

Wine cork art

I started using wine corks for art when a friend left me her cork collection after moving to a different country. When creating my first piece, I found inspiration in how to cut and combine corks in the work of Texas based wine cork art designer Beki Morris. Since my first cork-piece (the Mufflon, on the left in the image below), I have developed my own style, exploring how I can emulate the textures and features of the natural world using wine corks. Wine corks offer themselves especially for the representation of species with subdued colours, which might often (though not always) go unnoticed when encountered in the wild. By re-modelling them in cork, I hope to draw attention to the beauty of these fascinating creatures.



Drawing is something I do to relax when at home, but as drawing materials travel well, I usually draw when away from home 

Experimental photography

Experimental photography

Water and Soap


Falling glasses


Landscap and wildlife photography

Landscape and wildlife photography

Being a behavioural ecologist traveling for work (though not only) has the great benefit to get to see a many beautiful places and the amazing wildlife populating them 



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